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We value content creators, community leaders, and fans. We've built the ultimate social ecosystem platform that rewards communities to socialize.

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Bloc Social - The Ultimate Social Ecosystem.

Bloc Social, Founded in 2022, Built by a team of top graduates & industry leaders Bloc Social has set out to become the next distruptors to social communication platforms with the aims to become the next biggest social platform.

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Who We Are.

Bloc Social is a revolutionary new way to interact with your community and friends. We combine the power of blockchain technology with the convenience of social media to create an entirely new, secure, and engaging experience.

What We Offer.

Bloc Social is where you and your communities belong, Bloc is built with communities in mind allowing friends and groups to communicate with ease without the hassle of over-complicated features.

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    Social Feeds.
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    Social Profiles.
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    Sharing & Following System.
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    Community Building.
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    VOIP & Instant Messaging.
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    Reward Cycles & Earning System.
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    Creator Community Stores.

Bloc Social offers many advantages over traditional social communication platforms. It is secure and private, with no need for third-party services. We also allow users to store and share content securely, and to interact with each other in a secure and transparent way.

Bloc Social - We're In This Together.
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Sell To Anyone. Anywhere.

Bloc Social is ready and here for when you are ready to launch your community store whether you as a community owner that wants to sell hats, caps and digital assets or anything else we can help supply and fulfill orders, you can even design them and start accepting payment in as little as a few clicks.

Your Community.

Build your entire communities / groups based around missions & earning sessions. Say goodbye to restrictive features. We believe that fan interaction and fan involvement are crucial in building communities. We've re-invented the wheel and it's time that you join in the revolution.


What We Raised So Far.